3 Reasons Why Online Directories are a Must for Manufacturers



In our increasingly digital business world, the need for manufacturers to be listed on a high visibility online directory has never been so high.

A recent study found that internet sales accounted for 11.5% of B2B sales, which is predicted to climb as high as 13.1% in the next 2 years. The Acquity Group State of B2B Procurement study also found that 94% of B2B buyers always conduct some form of online research before purchasing a business product.

Online manufacturing directories allow buyers and sellers to discover trade opportunities, whilst simultaneously promoting their company online.

Members of Made in Group are listed in multiple high traffic directories, including their regional Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire directories, alongside the "Britain to the World" Made in London directory. 


1. Maximum Industry Exposure

With approximately 20,000 views a month on madeinthemidlands.com, it is clear that maximum industry exposure can be fast-tracked by being listed in the right online directory. This directory allows for companies to filter by the likes of Location, Sector, Buys and Sells.

Amongst hundreds of other members, all of our members also feature on our interactive Britain to the World Map on madeinlondon.com, so that potential customers and work associates can pinpoint their exact location for seamless contact. Made in Group members can benefit from this "Britain to the World" Made in London direct in many ways, for example, by seeing which other companies within the group are exporting to, or importing from, a certain country and reaching out with them to share best practice.


2. Search Engine Visibility

One of the major benefits of an online directory is the enhanced visibility it can provide through search engines. For example, Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire ranking No. 1 on Google for "midlands manufacturing" and "yorkshire manufacturing" means that our members have a fantastic head start in the race to be discovered on Google.

The microsite which is connected to Made in Group member's directory listing also functions to provide a multi-domain SEO strategy for members. Put simply, this means that there is double the real estate in Google for company's to rank for keywords with.


3. Enhanced Reputation

Being listed in a well respected online directory will go a long way to enhancing your reputation within the UK and international manufacturing community. 

With such a wealth of options available to online buyers these days, online directories will often serve as an easy tool to filter for the most high-quality and trustworthy businesses 

Made in Group provide our members with a "Member of Made In" logo, that they can promote in various places to serve as a means of showing customers that they are part of a respected group of manufacturers and engineers.


A membership with Made In Group is the most efficient way to raise your online profile, share your content and nurture your reputation within the manufacturing community. Get in touch today or browse our range of memberships to find out more.


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