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The Made Mastermind groups, made up of members from the Made in Group, held their fortnightly meetings this week. Their aim is two discuss two common issues amongst members and suggest possible solutions. This week the groups discussed the reluctance of staff going back to the office, the movement of technical engineers from the UK going overseas and the difficulty of making sales online. 

With many businesses back up and running and hospitality predicted to come back in July, firms are looking to get back to normal as soon as possible. 

Since the start of lock down, many members across the two Mastermind groups agreed that production has increased since staff have been working from home. And with this, they have noticed that “less is more” when it comes to the number of staff within businesses. 

Business leaders are waiting to get staff back in the workplace to rebuild the social cohesion between employees that may have been present previously. However individuals are struggling to get back into the workplace due to personal problems such as childcare and worries of safety. 

The group agreed that this may be due to the level of clarity in terms of rules and regulations from the Government. Whilst many businesses are running again, other relatable businesses are closed making it difficult to carry out certain business activities. 

Another point of focus saw members concerned about technical engineers not being able to access Ireland and other close by places with firm lockdown rules still in place. The Made in Group hopes to tackle these issues to speed up the supply chain and allow members to carry on business as usual. 

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