#backingbritain 3.0: Everything You Need to Know About the Exhibitor Registration Form


By now you should have received the exhibitor registration form that needs completing to confirm you are exhibiting at the Backing Britain 3.0 expo. An exclusive exhibition for manufacturers never seen before, there is an array of actions you can take to ensure you are fully involved in every element of this innovative three day event. Keep reading to find out more about each section of the registration form. 

Backing Britain 3.0 has been created to help you receive the same engagement as you would at an in person exhibition, whilst helping save the environment. Taking virtual exhibitions one step further, you will have the chance to showcase your products or capabilities with 3D imagery that can be viewed using Virtual Reality headsets. This digital twin, by Matterport, will give you and fellow Made members the competitive advantage when it comes to selling online. 

On top of that, The online immersive, 3D exhibition will be backed by three in person events in Leeds, Wolverhampton and Derby which will allow you to network, build connections and journey through the exhibition using Virtual Reality. 

Your Listing in the Backing Britain 3.0 Book

The Backing Britain 3.0 book will be the official show guide for the event. Here you can discover how you navigate around the virtual exhibition hall and check out what keynote speeches will be taking place. The guide will be sent to 3,000 expected registrants to the three day event along with a cardboard virtual reality headset - so your visitors can immerse themselves further into your company and its capabilities. 

Along with your company logo, you are entitled to 50 words to describe your company which will be featured in the book for free. 

Advertising in the Backing Britain 3.0 Book

Whilst the first Backing Britain book was a dedication to manufacturers and their efforts throughout the pandemic, 3.0 will have plenty of opportunities to advertise your business. You can solidify your involvement in this innovative exhibition by advertising in this unique publication. 

Live Event Tickets

Whilst enhancing your digital capabilities will be massively beneficial in the future, we all understand the importance of face-face networking. That's why the virtual exhibition will be accompanied by three in person events and feature three MAJOR keynote speakers. You can select any of the events via the form or all three if you consider yourself a serial networker!

3D Facility Tour 

Pushing this exhibition further into the digital realm, the Matterport digital twin offering could put your company ahead in the industry. Think of something you would love to show your potential clients but have never been able to facilitate. This could be a product, machine or your entire workshop. As a patron, platinum, gold and silver member one 3D twin is free.

If you haven't received the form and would like to exhibit, please contact [email protected] The form must be completed by 31st October 2021. 

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