Brompton Bike Event - Is This The Golden Age of Cycling?

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The Backing Britain Live 2020 Virtual Exhibition is well underway and our eighth keynote speaking event saw Stephen Loftus CCO of Brompton Bike take to the stage. His presentation centred around the idea, which has been echoed by the UK government, about the importance of using fewer cars and more bikes. It was highlighted that the ‘Golden Age of Cycling’ isn't here yet, but Brompton are “determined to make it happen- we want to transform the way people move in cities. 

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed everyone to a different lifestyle, whether that is working from home or wearing a face mask when entering shops. The pandemic has also seen positive effects on the environment, with fewer cars on the road during lockdown and people generally travelling less on a whole.

Brompton Bike, a British owned bike brand formed in London in 1975, is hoping this is a permanent change. Stephen pointed out that not only does use bicycle travel have better effects on the environment, it also benefits the lives and health of individuals. He said:

“Regular cycling reduces the risk of depression by 30% and cancer by 45%. In regards to physical health, a need for better health was already a crisis. Did you know London is the second fattest city behind Malta and on par with the USA? 

“We believe we can play a key role in addressing this challenge.” 

Vehicle congestion is something that has continued to accelerate in recent years, especially in cities where people travel to work. Whilst it does prove to be difficult to cycle to work if you live over 20 miles away, the E-bike revolution is well underway. The power of electric bikes has created an opening for further bike journeys, with some comfortably travelling up to 8 miles away. 

During the presentation, Stephen highlighted the seriousness of using fossil fuels in order to travel by showing attendees a newspaper clipping with the heading, “TOXIC AIR KILLS 1,000 IN 4 MONTHS.” This was followed by “what would happen” if we used space in cities more wisely, as “over 8,000 hectares of Central London is taken up by parked cars, the same as “57 Hyde Parks”. 

However, on a positive note, the demand linked to the COVID-19 pandemic for more bikes saw a massive influx of orders at Brompton bikes. This has raised the issue that the manufacturer needs to produce more bikes than ever before. In a survey of 137 people, 65% of people voted yes to the question “did the COVID-19 pandemic impact your decision to buy a Brompton?”. This is also proved by the fact that the company’s levels of production are ahead of the pre-COVID situation.

Therefore whilst Brompton doesn't believe this is the Golden age of Cycling yet, society is closer than ever before as the company plans to move their 5-year ambition to 2 years. These goals include inspiring change in global cities, to produce more than 100,000 bikes per annum, transform production and create a world-class omnichannel experience. 

Watch Stephen's event in full by clicking the link below

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