'Done for you' enquiries monitoring added to the Made Platform

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To address some issues we had noticed, such as enquiries occasionally not being opened on the Made platform by members, we have developed a new feature for our members: 'Done for you'. Done for you means that an admin member of our staff can take over the monitoring of messages if you do not reply or login within three days of that enquiry being sent. 

This shouldn't replace or reduce your engagement on the platform but rather is designed to ensure no enquiries go unnoticed.

It will be easier to reply to questions and provide uninterrupted service as an experienced member of staff steps in when you cannot respond. 

To further improve notification delivery, please do the following:

  1. Try logging in to the platform if you receive a notification by email.

  2. Add madeinthemidlands.com and madeinyorkshire.com emails and domain to safe senders.

  3. Give a member of your team responsibility to work on the Made platform one day per month - (Remember, every time you upload an article on your microsite, it automatically gets added to our newsletter with 11k recipients in the Midlands and 5k in Yorkshire.)

We understand members are busy, and it's easy to miss the occasional enquiry.

We want to solve this problem for you and ensure any message received on the Made platform gets responded to; we will offer this service for free.

Enquiries logged on our admin centre will be stored for six months on our new admin enquiries page and only visible to senior members of the Made team; they are automatically deleted after this date.

If you open your message within 72 hours, then the message will not display in our admin centre.

We will forward this message in its entirety to you or call you. This does mean we can view these enquiries, and we wouldn't want to do this without notifying you and giving you the opportunity to be told; therefore, you can opt out of this 'done for you' service if you want to. Just reply to this email with 'do not monitor, and you will not have your enquiries monitored.

If you choose not to monitor enquiries, you must add the madeinthemidlands.com and madeinyorkshire.com domains to your safe senders; check junk/spam, and flag as important or star, which should train google or your email provider that this is secure mail.

While we continue to make the platform better and improve our service, please feel free to share if you have any recommendations for us or ideas. We are passionate about what we do. As you may notice from our projects such as Backing Britain, Made Futures, Hybrid Expo and Manufacturing Heroes awards, we are always listening and working on the business to make it better. 

Every member is helping us to promote British Industry and inject new ideas into the sector.

 If you have not already done so, please log in to our new hybrid expo site www.backingbritian.com. Inside you will find 100+ 3D factory tours and also 50+ talks. During the last 12 months, more than 72 members have shared best practice advice during our virtual breakfast events. The best is available to watch now - These bite-sized talks of 5 minutes are a great way to widen your knowledge and get ideas for your own business. Made Talks is a library of 50+ videos from our members sharing best practices, and it is a fantastic resource; I challenge anyone to watch 5 of these for an investment of only 25 minutes and not come away with at least one good idea!

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