Made in Group Launch 360 Virtual Facility Project for ALL Gold & Silver Members

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As was announced by Made in Group CEO Jason Pitt earlier this week, “Backing Britain 3.0” is a three day festival which combines three live face to face networking events in Wolverhampton, Derby and Leeds, with an online exhibition.

These three locations have been handpicked, as they allow for the most number of members possible to be able to attend at least one venue, whilst not needing to travel too far. Therefore, this “Backing Britain 3.0 Expo” aims to far reduce the environmental impact which has been seen in previous exhibitions.

Looking at Backing Britain 3.0 in numbers, Made in Group aims to engage with 300 people over the course of the live, “in-person events”, and then 3,000 people through the exhibition’s digital aspect.

One of the biggest parts of this announcement led by Jason, was revealing the plans for “Matterport” cameras for our members. As you may have experienced through other virtual reality experiences (i.e. virtual walkarounds when looking for a new house), the Matterport camera allows for a fully immersive experience, that people can walk around a physical area, through the medium of their computer or smartphone.


360° Virtual Facility Access

Alongside having multiple in-person events, Backing Britain 3.0 will see the launch of Made in Group’s brand new virtual directory, which will comprise Silver/Gold member expo stands, all year round.

Through using Matterport cameras and technology, this will allow people to visit members’ premises using 360° immersive features and (optionally) VR headsets.

As you may have seen through the likes of online walkarounds of venues and virtual house-tours, Matterport cameras allow for someone to click and walk around a venue; which makes it the perfect sales tool for our members to showcase a particular product, machine, or even a large segment of their entire factory.

To set up this 3D facility tour, Made in Group are offering all Gold/Silver members the opportunity for a trained member of our team to visit their premises and scan part of their facility for the 3D element of the exhibition.

If you are already a Gold/Silver member, then this has been added as a complimentary service to your membership package, as part of your inclusion at the expo. Get in touch with a member of the team to confirm your place at Backing Britain 3.0 today!

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