Manufacturing Leaders Attend Event on Managing Spiralling Buys

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The issue of managing spiralling bills is relevant for many manufacturing and engineering firms within the UK at the moment, and indeed for companies in virtually all industries. To support this challenge, two Made in Group members - Pro Enviro and Control Energy Costs - collaborated to host an event which aimed to share their knowledge and insight on this subject.

 Together, these two companies collaborated to highlight opportunities for Made in Group members to purchase energy more effectively, and demonstrate how implementing innovative and effective solutions can decarbonise your operations, and help you journey from low carbon to net zero.

Patrons of Made in Group, Control Energy Costs are energy and water consultants, providing tailor made utility management, procurement and support services. A key topic covered here by Control Energy Costs' Head of Sales Liam Conway was what funding exactly is available, and where from, for carbon footprint assessments, carbon reducting projects and the implementation of sustainable technologies. 

Another topic covered was what exactly the key benefits are of buying energy in a flexible framework for manufacturing and engineering firms.

Following this, Liam touched on what exactly the Made in Energy Club is, who this club is suitable for, what the benefits are and why exactly now is the best time for companies to join. The Made In Energy Club enables all members to save money on their business energy bills. The Club has been formed in partnership with patron Control Energy Costs.  The purchasing power of the this energy club allows businesses to benefit from a reduction in the cost of energy – an ongoing and unavoidable cost to all our members. The more businesses that join the Energy Club, the more they can save. It really is that straightforward. 

Following this, Pro Enviro's Business Development Manager Deborah Green spoke to attendees regarding how Pro Enviro use a number of innovative processes and online tools to develop bespoke net-zero carbon strategies. Pro Enviro is a specialist energy engineering and process optimisation consultancy, with over 30 years’ experience working with manufacturing and other business clients.

Made in Group host a variety of Masterclass events for members of Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire, featuring experts speaking on a variety of important topics within the UK manufacturing and engineering industry. Watch this Masterclass back with the link below.


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