What Does a Stand Look Like at a Virtual Exhibition?

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In the face of unprecedented challenges, there are certain changes that the manufacturing sector needs to embrace. To support our members and the industry more broadly in moving forward, growing and succeeding, Made in Group are excited to announce these state-of-the-art Virtual Networking solutions.

We have made it our mission to offer state of the art digital communication, marketing, and networking solutions to our members, whilst simultaneously pushing the envelope in terms of industry trends and the advent of "Industry 4.0".

With networking going virtual for the time being, Made in Group have digitalised the likes of virtual Q&As, panel discussions, masterminds and networking events. Most prominently,  Made will launch a digital exhibition “with a big difference” called Backing Britain 2020 Live - an immersive experience between the digital and physical - for Silver and Gold members. Made in Group CEO Jason said:

“As many of you know, we are an innovative organisation when it comes to technology; we do more than many realise. As a business, we have developed a digital platform that allows members to create their own social media microsite, upload news, attend virtual webinars and soon to include virtual mastermind groups, Q & A Sessions and panel discussions."

But what exactly does a "Virtual Exhibition" look like? Scroll below to get a preview of what the stands will look like for Silver and Gold memebrs respectively.


Silver Members:


Gold Members:


What Is "The Live Digital Business Festival"?

The reality is that social distancing and the current climate has meant that holding a physical exhibition, as we did before, is no longer possible. Business operations need to adapt and be dynamic in order to follow suit with this change - which is why networking has gone virtual.

As CEO Jason Pitt has said, "The Made in Group has always had a strong technology focus.” We pride ourselves on offering state of the art digital communication, marketing, and networking solutions to our members.

In response to this demand, backing Britain 2020 Live will be hosted on www.backingbritain.com where the entire exhibition hall will have virtual access to booths, interactive seminars and networking areas all accessible on the website. The process will be very user friendly and easy to navigate around.

Not only will visitors have a unique experience online, but will also receive physical goodie bags to their door which includes: The Backing Britain 2020, 100 pg book - consisting of positive manufacturing news and information about exhibitors, a large printed poster of the exhibition hall, a Backing Britain lanyard and social posters and more.

With more than 30 planned events over 2 weeks, some of the key elements of the exhibition will include:

  • Virual Expo Hall: A tactile and immersive digital exhibition experience, to help us unite, retain continuity and forge new connections
  • Webinars: Thought leadership and guidance on all the hot topics as we move forward from the issues of Corona
  • Conferencing: Over 30 planned events to help the community stay connected and strong through this adverse time
  • Round Table Discussions: It’s more vital than ever we keep the conversation going, we’re planning round tables with key participants

Embrace industry change and book your place at Backing Britain 2020 Live: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/backing-britain-live-2020-tickets-101480914146?aff=joe


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