What is the 'Britain to the World Arena' at the Virtual Exhibition?

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The 'Britain to the World Arena' is a futuristic project aimed at replicating the traditional trade show, using technology to enhance and improve the value for exhibitors. This is a proudly UK innovation, in which user experience is the number one priority.

Regardless of how far Virtual Networking stretches in the future,  the current global situation has meant that networking in the physical realm as we did previously is no longer possible. The manufacturing sector needs to embrace this change in order to develop and those who refuse or are unable to follow suit run the risk of being left behind.

With Backing Britain 2020 Live, Made in Group have made it our mission to offer state of the art digital communication, marketing, and networking solutions to our members. To ensure that our members and the industry more broadly is supported in moving forward, growing and succeeding, Made in Group are proud to be offering such a state-of-the-art Virtual Networking solution to the industry.

Visitors to the Backing Britain Live Exhibition will have four distinct zones to explore:


The Lobby

The lobby is also your central navigation zone. From here you can visit the Made in Yorkshire or Made in the Midlands exhibition halls, the seminar areas or grab a coffee and read our Backing Britain book. All the information you need to plan your exhibition visit is in our expo lobby.


Seminar Area

Using a Zoom integration, we will be hosting 30+ webinar events over the two weeks. Activities will include panel discussions, Q&A sessions from professional speakers and keynote speakers from the best minds in manufacturing. All seminars will be live and recorded; members and visitors can catch up on any missed sessions. All speakers must theme their webinar around ‘Backing Britain’, we will look at reshoring, innovation, futurist speakers and financial support.


The Exhibition Halls

There are two exhibition halls, The Made in the Midlands hall and the Made in Yorkshire hall and it’s easy to navigate between rooms. This immersive experience allows visits to visit member booths, interact with exhibitors and learn more about what’s happening in the industry. We’ve even created some hidden spaces and selfie walls to make the experience engaging and fun. From the exhibition hall, you can also navigate to the seminar area, networking lounge and back into the main lobby.


Networking Zone

The networking zones are themed rooms that have start times and run for around an hour. These networking sessions are exclusively open to members and visitors to the exhibition. Using our zoom integration and breakout rooms, we will be facilitating some great conversations.


Beginning 17th August 2020, Made will launch a digital exhibition "with a big difference” called Backing Britain 2020 Live - an immersive experience between the digital and physical:


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